Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Five and six years old!

I have been so terrible about updating Lucy's blog!  I apologize to anyone out there that has followed along via the blog and then wondered how she was doing.  As I write this, she is actually 6 years old, so I'll go back and just post a picture of her at five years old and at six years old.  I'll give a brief update about her as well.

Here she is at five years old!  We've had a lot of change in the past year and a half.  My husband got a new job in our small hometown, so we moved back in May of 2015, right after Lucy turned five.  She started kindergarten and really enjoyed it, although she had the typical "first-year-of-school" bumps and transitions.

Here she is at six years old!  It's obvious she is quite a beautiful girl and we love her so much.  She loves doing ballet camp in the summertime, and she's started taking gymnastics since she started first grade this year.  She loves Barbies, jewelry, and playing with her siblings and cousins.

I will try to keep this updated more often!  Next stop, seven years old!  She had an appointment with her plastic surgeon, Dr. Mackay, this summer (2016) and he said she looked great and she didn't need to be seen again until she was 10 years old.  All great news.  Lucy also got glasses recently.  Her eye doctor believes that her strabismus caused by her cranial problems was causing her to only be using one eye for vision.  It is our hope that her glasses and more therapy might enable her to use both of her eyes properly.  We want her to be able to do her best in school and to enjoy watching TV and reading at home without having things so close to her face.  

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